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December 6, 2017
The Bradley Blast – December 18th, 2017
December 18, 2017

The Bradley Blast

My Top Pick for the Week

Adoption and the Single Guy – This is an amazing article about everyday, real life heroes. I know of a single man who adopted a foster child as I was the case manager that helped him through the beginnings of the process. This article really hits home and shows that there are men stepping up to the plate in our country. Read and be encouraged!

Matt Chandler on Leading a Growing Church Without Getting a Big Head (Video) – This is a great video. Matt Chandler is brutally personal in this short video. Getting a big head would be my biggest fear of pastoring a growing church.

How To Sweep For Bugs And Hidden Cameras – This is just a fun read. I’m fairly certain I don’t have to worry about anyone bugging my home. All they would hear would be the noise of 16 kids…

How Acts 29 Survived-and Thrived-After the Collapse of Mars Hill – This is a great article that peers inside how Acts 29 came to be what it is now. If ever grace and humility were called to the forefront of ministry, it is embodied in Acts 29.

A Word to the Youth Pastor Who Feels Discouraged – “To a youth pastor who is feeling discouraged, your reward is in heaven where you’ll see in glory the things that Jesus has done through your ministry, you’ll see the fruit of your labor.”

This Japanese Artist Paints with Microsoft Excel Instead of a Brush – *poof* *Mind blown* This is just incredible. Here I have to watch a YouTube tutorial almost every time I use Excel, and this guy is making masterpieces of art with Excel.

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