Theology, Church, And Ministry, A Handbook for Theological Education – A Review
November 7, 2017
The Bradley Blast – November 20, 2017
November 20, 2017

The Bradley Blast – November 13, 2017

The Bradley Blast

My Top Pick For The Week:

Don’t Leave Your Husband For Her – This open letter by Rosaria Butterfield has been floating around for a couple of days now, but when I read it, it really hit home. This is an issue that I have read about several times, and I can only imagine is happening time and time again. And, I’m sure one could change the gender to be aimed towards husbands leaving her for him. This is an excellent read on a difficult subject to approach.


Joyfully Lifting Malformed Hands in Worship – Don’t click this link yet. Go get some tissues. Okay, now that you’re back, click and read. This is an amazing read, something that I would hope to aspire to if I were in this situation.

Don’t Just Read Alone – Reading is something we all do (I think), and that we generally, most likely, all do mostly by ourselves. Alone. Brian Wright argues for the benefits, of which there are many, of communal reading, i.e. reading in groups, out loud, with each other. Not reading on your own and then coming together to discuss; instead, gather together to read together. I love the idea.

How To Clean Your Gross High Chair – Are you a parent? Do you work with kids? Do you want kids? I can answer yes to these questions, and if you can answer yes, or maybe, to any of them, then read this article, print it out, save it, hang it on your refrigerator. You’ll email me to thank me later. Trust me.

My Writing Process and Tools – Barnabas Piper lays out how he writes. Every writer has their different rituals they go through, some are complex. Barnabas Piper has simple ones, and I like them. I know I am always looking to hone my writing, so articles like these will almost always find there way on here.

Top 5 Rookie Pastor Mistakes – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary does it again through their Southern Equip series. They are always on point. And this article, while especially true for rookie pastors, needs to be remembered by seasoned veteran pastors as well.



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