The Bradley Blast – November 20, 2017
November 20, 2017
A Reformed Observance of Feast Days
November 27, 2017

The Bradley Blast – November 27, 2017

The Bradley Blast

My Top Pick for the Week

Congress Has Handed Trump a Historic Presidential Victory – While there is much to say over whether or not Christians should or should not support Trump, this judiciary victory handed to Trump from both sides of the aisle will have far reaching effects for Christians. Trump has, for the most part, nothing stopping him from filling judicial seats on the federal level, which can have implications that reach beyond his presidency, and potentially work in favor of the political right, where most Christians find themselves.

28 Free eBooks from R. C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries – This series of books from Sproul and Ligonier Ministries are great, and the eBook versions are all free! They are short, concise, and Biblically sound. While they are written with the new Christian in mind, they are good and edifying for all the saints. Check them out!

Yep, It’s Still Not a Good Idea to Eat Raw Cookie Dough – And everything I have ever seen sold in California comes with a “This might cause cancer” sticker on it (I don’t live in CA, so it’s only a few things I’ve seen). While I love to eat raw cookie dough, (I mean, who doesn’t?) on a serious note, one needs to be careful given the chance of serious illness. While I will (probably) continue to eat cookie dough, it’s not for everyone, because baked cookies taste better going down than raw cookie dough does coming up.

Kirk Cousins Is More Than Just a Nice Guy – Not gonna lie…I had to Google who Kirk Cousins is. I’ve never been one to know the names, positions, and/or stats of players, however this Kirk Cousins guy seems like one that I could get behind. While I don’t really watch sports, Cousins is someone worth following. Read the article, it’ll restore your faith in humanity a bit.

Letter To A Would-Be Adulterer – Penned by Kent Butterfield, husband of Rosaria who wrote a Letter To A Would-Be Adulteress, pens a powerful plea to men to love our wives more and not fall down the slippery-slope of pornography that leads to adultery. This is a great and convicting read, I think, even to those who don’t struggle with pornography.

Firefox Quantum – The New Browser for 2017 – For as long as I can think of, Chrome has been the browser to end all browsers. Not any more. Firefox Quantum is an amazing piece of work from Mozilla, and it’s nice. I am still a Chrome fan, but, read this and give it a try. I am and I’m liking it. I might be a convert…

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