The Bradley Blast – September 25, 2017
September 25, 2017
Daddy, What Is A Calvinist?
October 4, 2017

The Bradley Blast – October 2, 2017

So, I got an last week that really got me excited! There’s this little film project called The Calvinist Movie that is about to drop, and I got my pre-release digital screen to watch! The movie is AMAZING! I honestly didn’t think that one could fit so much greatness pointing towards the Glory of God in such a way that God is glorified in just one movie. I was wrong. Len Lanphere did it wonderfully and Calvinist is AMAZING! Click HERE and get a copy for yourself! And, if you order the digital release, you can watch it RIGHT NOW! It releases today!

My Top Pick for the Week:

Make Church Announcements Great Again – Almost undoubtably, you all heard some sort of announcements given at church. They may have been at the beginning. Maybe the end. I hope not the middle, that would be just awkward in my opinion. Where ever they may be in your service, do they feel out of place? I know they do where I worship. Here is a great article from The Gospel Coalition on making announcements great again! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it because the author is right on!

I Want Your Opinion

Christian Men and Their Video Games – This could be a Throwback article, however, I think it can be a great discussion. Here, one of my favorite bloggers Tim Challies writes about video games and his love for them. And he does this from a Christian worldview, which is not your typical perspective written about the video game industry. After you read the article, I want you to ponder and post on this question: What do you think of people who say they play online games (World of Warcraft, EVE online, etc.) in an effort to evangelistically reach those who are lost in the fantasy realms of video games?   – Please let me know what you think in the comments. 

Smart Phones and FM radio antennae – Today, technology is amazing. And did you know that many, not all, but many cell phones these days have FM antennas build right into them? But, to the chagrin of many, they are not active. Given recent natural disasters name Harvey, Irma, and Maria, those built in FM antennas could have been very helpful, so no wonder there is a push by the FCC at Apple and other cell phone producers to make them active during emergencies such as of late. While in a recent update to the article, it’s been noted that the newer iPhone models, 7 and 8, don’t have the antennas in them, there are still plenty of other iPhones and other models of phones that do.

Lying to Machines: How Apple’s New “Do Not Disturb While Driving” Feature Will Shape Your Soul – This article is, well, amazing. The implications of Apple’s decision to make you click on “I’m not driving” rather than something innocuous, I feel, are going to be far reaching. Morally, if you disable the new Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature while driving, you’re lying (9 Commandment Violation). However, if the phone somehow records that or, after a crash, it’s discovered that you turned it off, I think there could be ramifications in a legal sense as well. Bravo to you, Apple. This is a great read and a great take on cell phone use in the car.

To stand, or not to stand? That is not the question – Given the recent uproar about professional athletes, mostly players in the NFL, taking a knee when the National Anthem is played, this article by Jesse Johnson at The Cripplegate is a great take from a Biblical perspective.

At Some Point, You’ve Got To Share the Gospel – This is a great article with a title that says it all. When you evangelize someone, there comes a point where you have to share the gospel. They may see something different, but until they hear what it is, the Gospel, they won’t know. “What we can say, wherever you happen to minister, is that at some point you’ve got to share the gospel.



The Pastor Must Fall On His Sword Before He Wields It – This is a great read, however it’s not that far of a throwback. While it is very true and I think something every pastor knows, or at least should know, it’s not often vocalized outside of the seminary classroom. I found this article to be incredibly convicting and also a turning point in my battle against my own pride.


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