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September 20, 2017
The Bradley Blast – October 2, 2017
October 2, 2017

The Bradley Blast – September 25, 2017

Todays Bradley Blast is brought to you by: The letter A! The letter A stands for Awesome, and we serve an awesome God who is forever faithful to His elect, even when we are not faithful to Him.

My Top Pick for the Week:

The Cheap Way to Bless Your Pastor – This is a great article on the importance of allowing your pastor to have time to rest, read, and rejuvenate. Kevin DeYoung even mentions that, “I’m told my best sermons are usually the first ones after I get back from a break.” It’s a good article and something that I don’t think is thought about enough in today’s age. Too many people think that Pastors have a relatively easy job, when in all reality, it is anything but.

I Want Your Opinion

Campus Violence and Moral Community – This article comes out of our northern neighbor, Canada, but really hits home in today’s day and age as he compares and contrasts sexual violence on university campuses of public versus private religious (mostly protestant evangelical, I believe) schools. Here’s a great quote from the article, “Don’t misunderstand this: it’s not that certain kinds of men (e.g., Christians) are better than others. Rather, certain kinds of contexts provide greater safety.”  – Please let me know what you think in the comments. 


If I Were Planting a Church From Scratch – Coming from The Gospel Coalition Canada, this article is a wonderful article with great and practical advice for those planting a church or would be church planters. My favorite part of this article is the argument against regional churches in lieu of local. He makes a big-box versus mom-and-pop retailer comparison, and it’s great. Any Christian can and will be edified by reading this article.
“You can’t pastor a region; you pastor people and people live in places. They live in neighbourhoods. They go to schools. They play soccer at particular fields and they sit in particular parks. As soon as you begin to think of yourself as a “regional church”, you give yourself permission to avoid all of those places in order to attract rich, middle class, mobile people. Church becomes “come and see” rather than “go and tell”.”

Ditch the Dual Displays to Improve Your Focus – “What if using a single display allowed you to improve your focus and get even more work accomplished?” This article has given me a lot to think about, being that as I type this very line, I have a dual monitor set up that I am looking at and constantly use. Can I really be more productive with just one monitor? Only time will tell…

Man Escapes High-Pressure Altar Call Through Ventilation Duct – While the BabylonBee is a great Christian satire site, some of its articles (actually, a lot of them) really hit home on some theological and cultural issues found within and around the church. Now, I am not saying all altar calls are bad, however, I have heard many stories and have some of my own where people felled pressured by the congregation or people within the congregation to go up. Almost like they were expected to do so. This satirical article is how many people have probably felt on occasion, and I know that I have felt this way in the past at churches I have visited throughout my life.

250 Words A Day – To me, this is an encouraging article. I love to write, though often lack the time and energy to do so. 250 words a day is an easily attainable goal for anyone who wishes to write, whether it be a book or blog.

12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online – This article sums up why I don’t post what I think on social media. Social media is a great platform for sharing things, however, I think for Christians we often get ourselves into hot water because, just like our mouths, our fingers hit “Post” or “Tweet” before we really think about what could happen. And remember, people takes screenshots of stuff all the time, so if you delete it, it might not really be gone…

3 Reasons to Make Systematic Theology Part of Your Bible Study – “The goal of systematic theology is to take the things God has revealed to us and restate them in categories that we can grasp and articulate.” One of the things I believe all Christians must do is be able to articulate what they believe and why they believe it, and systematic theology is one of the best ways to learn how to do that. And, regardless, most people do some sort of systematic theology already without knowing it (point 2 in the article). This is a very edifying article!


How an ESV Bible Is Made – I am a nerd. I cannot and will not deny it. And I love Bibles. First and foremost, I love the Word of God. But, I also love Bibles. This is a post from April 2016 by Crossway on how it’s higher end ESV Bibles are physically made. And, it may surprise some about the fine attention to detail and excellence that goes into the process!



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