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Do More Better – The System

Do More Better: The System


Okay, it’s been a little bit longer than I was planning on before writing this, however, this thing called life happened, and I was busy. This is my follow up to my book review on Tim Challies Book Do More Better, a short but great read. You can read my book review HERE.

In his book, he goes over a system that has three parts: Task Management, Scheduling, and Information. While he offers various suggestions for each part, I went with his three main one.

For Task Management, the cross-platform app Todoist. For Scheduling, Google Calendar, slightly modified (I’ll explain below). And for information, Evernote.


Task Management: Todoist (Free, paid premium version)

Todoist is a great tool that runs across various platforms. I have it on my iPhone as well as on my MacBook Pro. I can also use the web-based app. This is my To-Do list. I can add to it, take things away, and it intuitively knows when I want the item to be finished by through what I type. For example, if I type “Finish article on Do More Better System by Friday”, it would automatically put my goal date for completing that task as the upcoming Friday. And I like that. Todoist works that way in the iOS, macOS, and web apps alike.

You can also prioritize and sort your projects in different ways, such as work, personal, and high and low priorities. I am still messing around with this app, as it’s the only thing that is completely new to me that I am writing about. Overall, Todoist is a great app with awesome potential.


Scheduling: Google Calendar, slightly modified

Challies, in Do More Better, listed Apple’s Calendar app as an alternative to Google Calendar. I used Apple’s Calendar app in conjunction with Google calendar. There is no, to my knowledge, macOS Google made calendar app, and I really don’t like the iOS app for it, so, I use Apple’s Calendar apps on both my MacBook and my iPhone.

The one thing I suggest doing is to make a brand-new Gmail account, one dedicated for calendar use. Choose a name you won’t forget. For example, if your email address is johndoe at, then do something like johndoecalendar at The reason I say have this separate is because it won’t clutter up your inbox with extra email alerts that you really don’t need. Once I made my account, I added it to macOS and iOS with only the calendar active. And then, going to the web-based Google calendar app, I add various calendars, color coordinated of course. Work, personal, blog, church, etc. each have their own calendar and color, so I can tell what it is for, and often also it’s priority, with just a glance.

Apple’s Calendar apps on macOS and iOS sync relatively quickly and natively do so in the Apple ecosystem, that it’s easy to do.

Admittedly, I am not a huge Windows user, and I know very little about apps and everything for Windows 10, so, I’d imagine use whatever calendar program you’re most familiar with and sync it up with Google Calendar. Honestly, I don’t think there is any way to beat Google calendars.


Information: Evernote

I have used Evernote before, but never really to its fullest potential (and I’m still working on that, but am much closer than I have ever been). Along with Evernote, there are other apps put out by Evernote that truly enhance the experience. The main one is Scannable, which allows you to scan images, papers, receipts, etc. into PDF files and have them stored right into your Evernote. I have multiple notebooks and notebook stacks, from my blog, to church, family, homeschooling, personal, and so on. The one I use most frequently would probably be my Homeschooling Stack of notebooks. I have one for general homeschool stuff, then two portfolios, one each for my oldest children. In there, I do a weekly scan of a sample of their homeschool work from that week with Scannable. Then, it saves it to my Inbox notebook and I disseminate the files later. However, I can choose specific notebooks to save the items in.

I am also using this for a new regular feature on The Reformed Outlook, The Bradley Blast. I often clip, using the Evernote Web Clipper, pages and articles to Evernote that I am going to feature on the blog. It’s a great help, keeps thins safe and secure, and allows me to gather all the information into once place and have it sync across all my devices.

Evernote is a wonderful little beast of an app that has helped me a lot.


In conclusion, if you can stick with it and invest the time and money to set it up in the beginning, the Do More Better system is extremely beneficial. I could go into great detail on how to set it up and do everything, but I don’t want to steal the thunder from Tim Challies and his book, Do More Better. So, go read my book review, then buy the books, read it, and give it a shot.

This system has helped me, to some extent, become a better steward of my time and resources. I have become more organized and keep better track of things, such as homeschooling work and the like.

And I do it all to the glory of God!

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